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  • If the song isn't featured on an album, just use everything in the first sentence before the comma.
  • Anything in parentheses is not to actually be included in the article in any way.
  • The Infobox should only be used on singles or songs with music videos.
  • A photo of the single art or part of the video should go in the Infobox.
  • There should be at least one category.

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Lyrics to Song Title (This is linked to the lyric page)

File Name|thumb|center|300x300px (linked)

File Name|thumb|center|300x300px (linked)

Song by Lexa
from the album Album, Album (only if it has a second album) (linked)
Released Month Day, Year
Recorded Year Recorded - Year Recorded (if it was recorded in multiple years, otherwise just the one year)
Genre Genre
Length Minutes:Seconds
Label Label Name, Label Name (if it has two) (Linked)
Writer Writer, Writer (If there are multiple) (linked)
Producer Producer, Producer (if there are multiple) (Linked)

"Title" is a song by Linked Singer Name, featured on Linked Album Name.

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What the song is about

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  • Any miscellaneous information that doesn't fit into the other sections

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Photos related to the song

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